Santon Figure Provence 4 / 5 cm Cooper

The Cooper

In the past he was called “barrel carpenter”, he makes or repairs the wooden barrels used to preserve wines and spirits. This barrel, cask or barrel plays an important role in the elaboration and the ageing of the wine.

The adult santons measure around 4 to 5 cm and all the animals and accessories are the same size.

Our santons are just like us, some bigger, some smaller, some fatter, some thinner!
They are therefore compatible with other collections of santons.

All our santons and crib accessories sold on our website are handmade in our workshops in Provence, in the traditional way, in clay and hand-painted.

Find our collections of santons and accessories from Provence 4 cm to 5 cm, 7 cm and 8 cm to 9 cm on our website.


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